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File Under “Stupid Rules”

January 4, 2009

Apparently one cannot pay USPS “postage” due with “postage.” Let’s think about this logically for a minute… Somebody sent me a package which did not contain enough postage; the post office delivered it to me and left me a “postage” due envelope indicating that the actual postage on the package was short $2.03 (why? how is it my responsibility that this package was sent without the proper postage? I’m not the one who sent it — but that is another matter, let’s stay focused on the issue here…); I enclosed $2.05 in “postage” (five unused .41 cent stamps) to cover the “postage” due in the little envelope and left it for the postman the following day; the postman returned it to me saying I cannot pay “postage” due with “postage.” Had the sender bothered to apply the correct amount of postage in the first place, it would have been in the form of postage stamps, but apparently if the sender neglects to apply the correct postage and it somehow becomes my responsibility to make up for the shortage of postage on the package, the opportunity to use postage stamps has passed and any postage due must be paid in cash. How stupid is this?

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